Demographics: Mixed; Bi-Lingual, Sunday service is simultaneously translated into the French language.

Service: Charismatic, Blended Worship Style, Prayer Services.

Mission Statement:  To be Christ-Like and to be a Light!


Granby Pentecostal Church is an English-speaking congregation, providing French simultaneous translation, located in the city of Granby in the Eastern Townships of Quebec about 1 hour east of Montreal.


Granby Pentecostal Church had its humble beginning on November 7, 1940.  Here we find the first available record of meetings held where an advertisement was placed in the Granby Leader Mail [Local paper of the day] under “Coming Events”:

“Old Fashioned Gospel Meetings 17 Drummond Street. Sunday 2:30 pm French and English.”

These meetings continued under the auspices of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada with mid-week meetings being added from time to time.

On June 7, ’45, Ernie Dawe and Key Hynd came riding on bicycles from Montreal for the purpose of making this work in Granby a permanent Pentecostal Church associated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

Around September of that same year Hugh M. Corey [a school teacher], Edna Goyette, and Marie Paul Gagnon working together and separately solidified the English and French work.  Rev. Corey, as Brothers Dawe and Hynd returned to Bible College, was asked to Pastor the English assembly, renting part of the old Methodist Church and called it Emmanuel Tabernacle.  The two French ladies rented a hall elsewhere in the city for the French work.

In June 1951, Rev. Corey purchased, as a formality from the Swetts, the lot at 405 Winchester Street (named for the couple who lived there: Winnie and Chester Swett). This street is now called Churchill because of our church on the hill.  There was a very small one story house with no permanent foundation, a shed, and an open stone foundation on which construction of our first church building took place later in the year.  The small house became our first parsonage.

On February 18, 1959, at the annual congregational business meeting, chaired by Rev. Ken McLaughlin, a local church constitution was adopted and the official name of the church was changed to “Granby Pentecostal Church” to express in a better way our affiliation with the PAOC.

In 1993 we sold the Church at 405 Churchill (Winchester), Granby.  Our assembly purchased the existing Church building and spacious lot at 525 Simonds South in Granby.  This Church and lot being both much larger than our previous facilities.  It is in this building that we continue to serve the Lord here in Granby.

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